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“This soft microfiber finger brush is an alternative to the rubber finger brush or toothbrush. Made


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This soft microfiber finger brush is an alternative to the rubber finger brush or toothbrush. Made with an antibacterial and antimicrobial material this finger brush is especially effective on small or sensitive mouths and can help remove small bits of food before tartar is formed. A safety loop ensures the brush stays on your finger. Can be paired with toothpaste or tooth balm. WHAT IS THE ARM & HAMMER DENTAL RINSE THE ARM & HAMMER oral care range provides owners with effortless ways to care for their pet’s teeth and gums. It contains natural ingredients including glucosamine aloe vera green tea leaf extract chamomile and natural herbs. Each product has been specifically designed to cater for the particular requirements of individual dogs and owners. WHAT MAKES IT DIFFERENT The ARM & HAMMER brand has been used in households for over 150 years and is known for its key ingredient – baking soda. The dental range provides everything at the pet owner could need ranging from dog mints and dental water to dental sprays and beef flavoured toothpaste. Each product contains the baking soda formula which works by bubbling along the gum-line and between the teeth breaking down plaque tartar and so reducing the risk of dental disease. THE BENEFITS OF BAKING SODA It’s clinically recognised as a powerful cleaning agent by dissolving deep into tooth surface crevices. Despite the highly effective cleaning powers it remains gentle making it ideal for dental use Baking soda maintains a good pH balance inside the dog’s mouth for neutralising harmful acids keeping their breath fresh for hours.

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