!Pistoleros! 1:1918

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Paris, 1976: Gunmen kill Farquhar McHarg’s lifelong friend and fellow anarchist, forcing him into a race to document an epic history before he too is silenced. The first volume finds him dropped into Barcelona’s revolutionary underworld at the end of the great imperialist war of 1914-1918, recruited by Spanish anarchists as a go-between with Britain’s Secret Service Bureau. McHarg tells of a corrupt and brutal regime, bent on bringing a rebellious working class back under its heel, and the generous and recklessly idealistic men and women who struggled to transform it after rejecting traditional party politics. a thrilling tale of intrigue and romance, and a sweeping inside view of the saboteurs and spies, the capitalists and bold insurrectionaries of Spain’s bloody past. Glaswegian Farquhar McHarg’s (1900-1978) voyage to Barcelona in 1918 landed him as a teenager in the middle of a web of espionage and anarcho-syndicalist uprisings and launched him into the life of an anarchist revolutionary, playing a key role in Spain’s bloody 20th century history and decades of struggle to overthrow Alfonso XIII, Primo de Rivera, Salazar, Mussolini, Franco, Petain and Hitler, and life as a clandestine figure in multiple continents as he worked to advance the anarchist idea – fighting injustice and fomenting social revolution wherever he went. “Having known Farquhar McHarg in his prime, and despaired of him ever putting down on paper his extraordinary experiences, I am delighted that he has finally done so. Glasgow’s answer to Victor Serge has produced a document of remarkable value, so grippingly written that one might almost think it was a novel.” – Professor Paul Preston, historian, Hispanist and Principe de Asturias Professor of Contemporary Spanish Studies, LSE “‘Astonishing-a new sort of history fiction or ‘doction’, thrilling to read and the most gripping illustrations I ever saw in one book-only wish the publisher had given them a full page each.” – Neal Ascherson, j

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