Purina DeliBakie Biscotti – 5 x 270g



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Baking tasty treats is a wonderful way to show our loved ones that we care, and now your dog can get a taste of some lovingly baked treats too, with these delicious Purina DeliBakies Biscotti. These portionable sticks are especially crunchy with a hearty chicken and ham flavour. They don?t just look home-baked, they are simply yummy too! These irresistible dog treats will have your dog begging for more. What better way to show him you love him every day? Each pack has a resealable tab, so that the DeliBakies stay fresh. Purina DeliBakies Biscotti at a glance: Irresistible dog biscuits Lovingly oven baked Biscotti-style sticks: can be broken into smaller portions Crunchy: with a chicken and ham flavour Ideal for snacking or for rewarding your dog Premium ingredients Pack includes a sticky tab to reseal after opening

Specification: Purina DeliBakie Biscotti – 5 x 270g



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